Patient stories and reviews

“Very professional staff, very polite and explain everything to you about the treatment. I would recommend this clinic to everyone.”

Dr. Bryan Scotson Smith

5 Star rating on Trusted Practitioner.

Here are some of the reviews our patients have left us on Facebook, Google and Trustpilot along with some more in depth patient stories.

Facebook Reviews


Julie Farrow

Thank you so much for your help, I really couldn’t have been more satisfied with my treatment. I will definitely recommend you to my friends.

Rachel Hanley

My daughter attended the clinic before Christmas and had to have a partial nail removal. The staff were very friendly and professional, yet put her at ease and carried out the procedure carefully and efficiently. Thanks Lucy and Ben

David Dolphin

I have used ‘The Foot Clinic’ twice and found it to be the best in the area. It’s incredibly clean, the podiatrists knowledgeable, and has a lovely relaxed atmosphere. It’s like going to the Dentist but without the fear or pain. Go on give your feet a treat!!!!.

Pat Hamilton

EXCELLENT. The PACT treatment really works and ended up costing less than the over-the-counter so-called remedies from the chemist. The staff are lovely and the offices bright and clean. Couldn’t recommend it enough.

Louise Walton

I have been a few times and love it every time. Receptionist is fantastic and the team look after my feet brilliantly. So clean and professional. Highly recommend


Dr. Bryan Scotson-Smith

Very professional staff , very polite and explain everything to you about the treatment. I would recommend this clinic to everyone

Steve Adair

Very clean, polite and helpful staff. Great job I will be back !

John Bumper Burdis

excellent consultation and great treatment and advice. 10 / 10 from me

Josiane Marets

wonderful experience, extremely helpful and friendly team…booked my next WALKING ON AIR appointment

Ben Quaintrell

Very professional, excellent service!

Tricia Woods

Exemplary, friendly, efficient assistance & advice, everything carefully explained from the outset. Perfect ambience at the clinic, wonderful design, easy parking, and amazing sympathetic treatment from Nicola. I wish I had come to your clinic before, instead of struggling on with my problems, what a relief to have found your excellent provision. It is exactly as it says on your website, the highest clinical expertise along with the latest technology making everything as simple as possible

Lesley Clelland

Have been going here for a while now. Ben is an expert and my toe nails are fabulous now, I am no longer ashamed to get them out in public. All the staff are helpful and friendly. I would recommend the Clinic to everyone!

Mark Lancaster

Highly recommend if having foot pain; thanks to Lucy, I’m walking pain free for the first time in ages. Nice clinic, friendly staff. Can’t fault it.

Amber Spooner

Fantastic results with a problem I had for years. Great advice and treatment would highly recommend.

Tori Gill

the podiatrist was lovely, very knowledgeable and it was such a lovely, clean clinic. Really handy for parking too as it’s free! Highly recommended chiropodist in Darlington.

Carol Chappell

Professional and friendly. Very good facilities and efficient staff. Would highly recommend.

Debbie Walker

Fab place really knowledgeable !!! Highly recommend

Peter Wilson

Excellent all round 5*+++

Google Reviews

Trusted Practitioner Reviews


Ray Lockwood

Thankyou for the treatment I received for my recent foot problem The service was fantastic and staff very professional I shall be using this service again in the future I was in really bad pain when I visited the clinic and was so relieved after my treatment

Alan C

Foot inspection for in-growing toe nail prevention, dressing the foot, checking circulation and general foot health and toe & toenail maintenance. Reception staff extremely pleasant and welcoming. The clinician was very professional and diligent in his approach to the tasks involved. Very clean and relaxed environment and would highly recommend treatment.


Amazing results! Had a verruca for over 10 years and a wart on finger for 5 years. Tried everything, including laser treatment with no results. Had a course of Swift Microwave treatments and both have gone! Very professional staff.


After decades of seeing a fungal toenail deteriorate and spread to 2 other toes, I saw an advert for the foot clinic and was interested in the laser treatment. As it was local, I popped in to find out more. I must say, I found the cost projection and the many months duration for the treatment ( and the small possibility of it not working!) very daunting at first, but decided, after a few hours deliberation to go for it. From the initial examination of my feet to the final appointment, I received lots of informative advice, knowledge of the condition and the factors which lead to infection, treating shoes, socks, bedclothes, how parts of the feet work etc. I asked loads of questions all of which were answered. The treatment was successful, my nails are improving slowly with the new growth. I would certainly recommend the clinic to others.

Sharon Day

I’ve suffered from Plantar Fasciitis for many years. After numerous trips to the doctors, physio’s and private physio’s but to no avail, I seen an advert on Facebook for the Foot & Ankle Clinic and by this time I could hardly walk/shuffle to the toilet of a morning. I made an appointment straight away. In my first consultation i was diagnosed as definitely having Plantar Fasciitis and was given some exercises to do at home for a few weeks before my next appointment. The difference in the lack of pain by my second appointment was amazing I could get out of bed and walk straight away no more shuffling, I’m not going to lie there was still pain there but it was so much more bearable. I’m now doing weight bearing exercises using bottles of water in a bag and a Wii step to strengthen my Plantar and having Mobilisation on both feet and it’s just getting better and better each week the pain is hardly there anymore. I have a long way to go as I’ve suffered for years but it’s all going in the right direction. I can’t thank the Foot Clinic enough they’ve been so helpful from the receptionist having to change my appointments last minute due to Covid and to Nicola for being my saviour. I brag about you to all my friends and family and I would even recommend you to a stranger 😀

Patient stories

Gill’s Story

Gill had been suffering with chronic pain for over 3 years due to sciatica, to the point she required the use of a walking stick for mobility. Gill received a course of specialised treatment at the clinic and is now stick free!

Lucy’s story

Lucy was diagnosed with a Plantar tear over 2 years ago, this then caused her pain in the achilles tendon. Running became impossible with both injuries at the same time. Lucy received a bespoke course of treatment at the clinic.

Naomi’s story

Naomi was training for a half marathon when she developed a sensation under the ball of her foot which quickly developed into a pain that stopped her from running. We diagnosed a Mortons Neuroma and gave her a specialist course of treatment at the clinic to resolve the issue.

Paul’s Story

Fiona’s Story

Fiona was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) 25 years ago and she came looking for relief from the MS pain. She had been told nothing could be done, but at night her feet were burning. Now in her words they are normal again and says “I think more people should know about this treatment!”

Merilyn’s Story

Merilyn had been previously diagnosed with early on set arthritis. Daily activities had become extremely painful. She was suffering with pain in her big toe joint, to the point she was changing how she walked. Her pain has now disappeared following treatment. In her words it has been ‘nothing short of amazing’.

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