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“Very professional staff, very polite and explain everything to you about the treatment. I would recommend this clinic to everyone.”

Dr. Bryan Scotson Smith

5 Star rating on Trusted Practitioner.


Everyday we hear things from our first-time patients like “walking is no longer a pleasure” or “I’m no longer the runner I used to be”. These patients have often been struggling to get rid of the pain for years.

As Foot and Ankle Specialists, in over 25,000 appointments we have had the privilege of helping people overcome their foot and ankle problems, from simple injuries to chronic complex conditions. Our national reputation means we regularly receive referrals for people who haven’t been able to be treated successfully elsewhere.

Patients often describe their foot or ankle pain using words such as stabbing, aching, weakness, burning, tingling, tenderness, sharp, numbness, joint stiffness, walking on a pebble or like a sock rucking up under my foot. For some, their foot or ankle may hurt when they first stand up, whilst for others it may flare up after walking or standing all the time. The pain may be in their toes, the ball, arch or heel, across the top of the foot or in the ankle, but for all it is a frustration that they want gone.







We can help.

Trusted by Help for Heroes to treat their veterans.

We are proud to be the go to foot and ankle clinic for the medical division of Help for Heroes. We work regularly with ex-military personnel referred to us through them, from across the country, due to the results that we achieve.

Each patient is different. Every treatment plan is bespoke

With over 53 main causes of heel and foot pain alone, including bursitis, heel spurs, plantar fasciitis or morton’s neuroma, to name but a few, before we even begin to look at the ankle, it is extremely important that treatment plans are bespoke, as what works for one will not necessarily work for another, as there are so many combinations of underlying issues and causes.

Foot and ankle pain is very complex and getting the right diagnosis is crucial for people who want the right treatment, to get them back on their feet and doing the things that they love again.

A clinic with a difference…

Our knowledge, combined with the best technology available, ensures we achieve great results, through our 3 Step Programme.

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We take a full and thorough history of the issue and carry out any appropriate tests which may include: 

  • Range of motion tests
  • Gait analysis
  • Nerve tests
  • 3D scans
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We will develop an appropriate treatment plan and bespoke rehabilitation tailored for you, to help get you out of pain and back to enjoying life.

Techniques may include: laser treatment, rehabilitation, foot and ankle mobilisations and manipulations, fascia manipulation (Stecco method), focal shockwave therapy, radial shockwave therapy or electromagnetic therapy, to name but a few.

Not all injuries and conditions are the same, and therefore they should not be treated as such.

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We closely monitor your progress to ensure the best outcome, with clinical case meetings taking place within the clinic to ensure best care is provided for every individual patient.

We will also strengthen and condition structures within the foot and ankle to reduce the chances of recurring pain and injuries that could stop you in the future. We are about long term solutions, not quick fixes that merely prop you up or mask the real issue.

Leading technology….

 As a centre of excellence, our experienced clinicians have the leading technologies at their disposal to treat your condition. Each works in a different way, targeting different issues.

Super Inductive System

This works by playing an anti-inflammatory role, by reducing the chronic stage inflammation. It causes the secretion of analgesic opioids by stimulating nerve endings and it also reduces pain messages sent to the brain.

Focused Shockwave System

This uses pro inflammatories, which stimulate the cell activity required for acute inflammation which is the natural healing process within the body.

Laser System

Laser is used for issues such as tendinopathy, by reducing inflammation and thereby reducing pain.

Here is what some of our patients say…


Thank you for the treatment I received for my recent foot problem. The service was fantastic and staff very professional I shall be using this service again in the future I was in really bad pain when I visited the clinic and was so relieved after my treatment.


All I can say is fantastic! After I have suffered for 5 year with my feet, backwards and forwards to hospital to no avail I bit the bullet and came to the foot clinic and boom wished I’d come years ago because after about 5/6 weeks hey presto I can walk pain free! Worth every penny and would highly recommend yourselves to anybody with feet problems. You’re amazing keep up the good work.


Arrived at the clinic with two swollen ankles due to sport injuries. After 4 appointments and professional treatment I can now walk without any pain and all and the swelling has disappeared. I cannot thank this team enough. If you have problems with ankles don’t hesitate get in touch with the Foot & Ankle Clinic and let them work their magic on you also! Highly recommend! Thank you so much.


I approached the foot clinic with arthritic pain in my big toe joint, which was very painful and restricted walking and playing golf. I was prescribed a pair of orthotic insoles to isolate the joint. My treatment was very thorough and I had 3D scan of my feet and several follow up appointments to check on my progress. The insoles have made a huge difference and although I still have a small amount of discomfort it is manageable. the staff are very helpful and I would recommend the foot clinic to anyone.

John Race

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Great service from professional experienced staff. After suffering severe pain in the arch of my right foot that meant it was very painful to drive and only just bearable for walking, I wanted help quickly. I was diagnosed with tarsal tunnel and given stretching exercises, along with manipulation of my foot and ankle. This made a huge difference, and over the sessions I have much greater movement and flexibility in my ankles. I no longer have issues with my foot, and the stretching exercises have shown I have tight calves, which the exercises help greatly, with the added bonus of improving my running! I’m very grateful for such a professional service that cured my issue, allowing me to get back to normal very quickly.

Helen B

It’s like I’ve been given a new pair of feet ! Highly recommended. Everyone is very friendly, helpful and professional. Went to the clinic with painful sore soles. Using a technique called facial manipulation Nicola has given me pain free feet. It did take several treatments before the effects were noticeable, but it was well worth it. I’m delighted with the results.

Gillian Harris

The Foot and Ankle Clinic in a relatively short time solved issues I had been suffering from for more than two years. After visits to Doctors and other foot care consultants I saw an advertisement for the foot and ankle clinic and decided to give them a try. Pleased I did. The treatment initially on my foot only improved things slightly and it was decided that the problem was not just my foot but there were other related issues. Fascial manipulation treatment to the leg and foot was commenced which had an immediate effect and slowly but surely my issues have been resolved, thank goodness. I can now walk comfortably on all types of ground and distance driving is not the painful leg and foot problem it was. Nicola and Ben were very patient and thorough with the treatment which was not painful or uncomfortable at all. I would certainly recommend The Foot Clinic at Morton Park to anyone suffering foot and/or leg pain to make a visit.

Roger Curtis

I have complete faith in the professionalism of those at the Clinic. I have been suffering with the pain of neuromas for some years now. I am reluctant to have an operation, which was offered. Ben suggested conservative treatment, which he and his colleagues are trained and qualified to give. These treatments have definitely helped, and although the neuromas will not disappear, the treatments given at the Clinic have meant that I can still lead a physically active life. For example I am able to do aerobics classes, and walk at least 5 miles before any pain kicks in on my left foot. This is the best chiropody clinic I have ever attended, and would definitely recommend it to friends and family.

Christine M

Thank you for the treatment I received for my recent foot problem The service was fantastic and staff very professional I shall be using this service again in the future I was in really bad pain when I visited the clinic and was so relieved after my treatment.

Ray Lockwood

I’ve suffered from Plantar Fasciitis for many years. After numerous trips to the doctors, physio’s and private physio’s but to no avail, I seen an advert on Facebook for the Foot & Ankle Clinic and by this time I could hardly walk/shuffle to the toilet of a morning. I made an appointment straight away. In my first consultation I was diagnosed as definitely having Plantar Fasciitis and was given someexercises to do at home for a few weeks before my next appointment. The difference in the lack of pain by my second appointment was amazing I could get out of bed and walk straight away no more shuffling, I’m not going to lie there was still pain there but it was so much more bearable. I’m now doing weight bearing exercises using bottles of water in a bag and a Wii step to strengthen my Plantar and having Mobilisation on both feet and it’s just getting better and better each week the pain is hardly there anymore. I have a long way to go as I’ve suffered for years but it’s all going in the right direction. I can’t thank the Foot Clinic enough they’ve been so helpful from the receptionist having to change my appointments last minute due to Covid and to Nicola for being my saviour. I brag about you to all my friends and family and I would even recommend you to a stranger 😀

Sharon Day

Helped to deal with a severe foot problem which hindered my ability to walk properly , which in turn affected my ability to exercise. After suffering foot pain for at least 6months , the treatment you gave ( manipulation) helped a lot to resolve the severe pain I had to endure.


All I can say is fantastic! After I have suffered for 5 years with my feet backwards and forwards to hospital to no avail, I bit the bullet and came to the foot clinic and boom wished I’d come years ago! In about 5/6 weeks hey presto I can walk pain free! Worth every penny and would highly recommend yourselves to anybody with feet problems your amazing keep up the good work.


Ready To Be Pain Free?


During your initial consultation you will:

1. Gain clarity about your condition

2. Understand how best to treat your pain

3. Receive a personalised treatment plan

Price: £149

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We are located in Darlington, Co. Durham, close to Middlesbrough, Stockton and Yarm in Teesside/Cleveland.

Frequently asked questions

Do we offer treatment for running ankle injuries?
Definitely, yes. It’s something we see a lot of. Please see our sports injury page for more information.
What causes foot or ankle pain?

There are too many foot conditions to list them all but some of the most common conditions are:

  • Heel spurs and nerve entrapments
  • Mortons Neuroma
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Metatarsalgia – pain across balls of the feet
  • Shin splints – pain along the front of the shin
  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Plantar tear (plantar plate injury)
  • Sporting or running foot and ankle injuries

With over 200 muscles, ligaments and tendons, 35 joints and thousands of nerve endings, in each foot and leg, each patient and case is different and it is therefore important that plans are tailored specifically to you.

Do we treat sports or running injuries?
Yes, absolutely.  Please go to our sports injury page for more information.
Do you treat pain in the toe?
Yes. Pain in the toe, quite often pain in the big toe, is something we see regularly.

Hallux rigidus, hallux limitus, turf toe, morton’s toe, arthritic toes are all common reasons of pain in the toe.

What is tendon and ligament rehabilitation?
These are comprehensive, structured programmes, tailored to you, to repair and strengthen damaged ligaments, tendons and associated muscular or skeletal structures in the foot or ankle.  When required, these are essential to achieving positive long term outcomes.
What are neurological lower limb tests?
These are non invasive clinical tests to look for abnormalities in nerve function.  Although neurological is in the title, we do not test the brain directly.  We are testing the nerves in the lower limb to make sure they are functioning correctly.
What is EMS Radial Shockwave therapy?
EMS Radial Shockwave is the industry leading technology for the treatment of chronic tendon damage.  As a leading Foot & Ankle clinic we have invested in this leading technology due to it’s proven strong clinical outcomes.

Employed by many of the worlds leading sports industries including the Olympics, Premiership Football and International Rugby Union, EMS Radial Shockwave Therapy can provide quick and effective pain relief and stimulate initial healing.  It is important it is used alongside rehabilitation programmes to maintain a long lasting positive outcome.  The Shockwave treatment can provide pain relief in the short term to enable you to return to activities comfortably, in on average 6 weeks.  Three treatment sessions are required. You can read more on our Shockwave treatment.

What are Orthotics?
Orthotics are custom made insoles, or off the shelf insoles, that provide support and stability. In turn they can help relieve pain and prevent injuries. Our podiatrist can advise on the most suitable type for your problem, after a biomechanical assessment. We will also investigate your body’s ability to fix itself first. For example, it could be that manipulation techniques could be used to improve function and relieve foot and leg pain, thereby negating the need for orthotics. Where orthotics are required, to ensure they stay current with your body’s changing needs, we will put together a rehabilitation plan that is tailor made for you. Read more on our orthotics page.
What is foot manipulation and mobilisation?
Foot Manipulation and Mobilisation works by relieving pain and improving the mobility and congruency of joints in the feet, which in turn allows muscles to work more efficiently around those joints.  It is a hands on highly skilled treatment that is extremely effective.
What is fascial manipulation?
This helps relieve fascial related pain, which is often involved with sciatic nerve pain and a large number of neurological issues.  It is a highly specialist technique that can achieve some fantastic outcomes where other methods have failed.
Why is 3D structure scanning used?
A 3d scan is taken of your foot which enables us to prescribe bespoke orthotics with an extremely high level of accuracy.
Why are bespoke exercise programmes used?
Exercise plays an important part in recovery of many foot and ankle issues.  Where necessary, to help with exercise we design bespoke programmes as this ensures that they are tailored to your particular issue and presentation.
Can we refer to specialists if required?
If a referral to a different field or specialty is required, this will be evaluated, discussed and where appropriate arranged for you.  We may advise a private specialist or will write to your GP where required for referral in to an nhs service.
Why don’t we offer Corticosteroid injections/cortisone injections?
Although we are qualified to administer steroid injections for plantar fasciitis and other conditions at the clinic, we choose not to as we find that the other treatment pathways that we offer have a far better and longer lasting success rate. Our focus at the clinic is on long term outcomes rather than short term quick fixes. Corticosteroid/cortisone injections generally work by masking the pain rather than fixing the underlying issue, so the effects often wear off over time, if they work at all.
I’ve had plantar fasciitis for years, is it curable?
Plantar fasciitis, except in very rare and unusual cases, is curable!

On a daily basis we hear people describe it using terms such as ‘debilitating’, ‘excruciating torture’, ‘restrictive’, ‘affects me every day’ and ‘I’ve never known pain like it’. We understand how it can become all consuming.

However, it is a condition that for the vast majority of our patients we see great outcomes, with people finishing their treatment completely pain free, something that many when they first come to us thought they would never be. As specialists in the area, we know exactly what to look for and what treatment plans to put in place for each presentation of the condition.

Do you treat Plantar Fasciitis?

Yes, Please click here to go to our plantar fasciitis page.

Where is our clinic?
Located in Darlington Co. Durham in the North East, just a few miles from Middlesbrough, Stockton, Teesside, Cleveland and North Yorkshire. We are within an hours drive of Leeds, York, Thirsk, Northallerton and Harrogate to the South and Newcastle, Durham, South Shields, Gateshead and Sunderland to the North.

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