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Having seen over 25,000 appointments, we can help you.

We have a wealth of experience in getting people out of pain and back to what they love to do!

We treat very simple injuries that require just a couple of appointments, to extremely complex conditions. As a centre that invests in leading, clinically proven, technology and clinical expertise, we have a national reputation that results in us often receiving referrals for people who haven’t been able to be treated successfully elsewhere.


Is ankle pain stopping you from enjoying what you love to do?


Have you been suffering with a painful ankle for a long time and want to finally be pain free?


Or perhaps you have a new ankle injury that you want nipping in the bud?

We can help.

Trusted by Help for Heroes to treat their veterans.

We are proud to be the go to foot and ankle clinic for the medical division of Help for Heroes. We work regularly with ex-military personnel referred to us through them, from across the country, due to the results that we achieve.

Who do we help?

Achilles tendonitis, achilles tendinopathy, arthritis in the ankle, and history of ankle sprains are some of the most common reasons for ankle pain, but there are many other conditions that can affect the ankle.

From acute ankle injuries sustained while playing sport and running or accidents such as torn ankle ligaments or sore achilles tendons, to complex chronic conditions, we have vast experience across a wide range of ankle conditions.

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Lots of patients report their ankles feel weak and that they get general pain around the ankle, but can’t necessarily pin-point when the pain started. For others a particular accident or trauma may have caused it. We therefore work with each patient, on an individual basis, to put together a bespoke treatment plan for their unique situation.

On a daily basis we hear people describe their ankle pain using terms such as ‘debilitating’, ‘excruciating torture’, ‘restrictive’, ‘affects me every day’ and ‘I’ve never known pain like it’. We understand how it can become all consuming.

We understand the frustration of ankle pain and how it stops you from doing whatever it is you love, whether that be walking the dog, running or just wandering down to the shops. As private ankle specialists, from day one we will work with you, to get you back to full health.

For most people with ankle conditions or ankle injuries they will finish their treatment with us completely pain free, something that many when they first come to us thought they would never be. As ankle specialists, we know exactly what to look for and what treatment plans to put in place for each presentation of the condition.

Get back to enjoying life pain free!

A clinic with a difference…

Our knowledge, combined with the best technology available, ensures we achieve great results, through our 3 Step Programme.

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We take a full and thorough history of the issue and carry out any appropriate tests which may include: 

  • Range of motion tests
  • Gait analysis
  • Nerve tests
  • 3D scans
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We will develop an appropriate treatment plan and bespoke rehabilitation tailored for you, to help get you out of pain and back to enjoying life.

Techniques may include: laser treatment, rehabilitation, ankle mobilisations, ankle manipulations, shockwave therapy, exercise programmes to name but a few.

Not all ankle injuries and conditions are the same, and therefore they should not be treated as such.

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We closely monitor your progress to ensure the best outcome, with clinical case meetings taking place within the clinic to ensure best care is provided for every individual patient.

We will also strengthen and condition structures within the foot and ankle to reduce the chances of recurring pain and injuries that could stop you in the future. We are about long term solutions, not quick fixes that merely prop you up or mask the real issue.

Leading technology….

 As a centre of excellence, our experienced clinicians have the leading technologies at their disposal to treat your condition. Each works in a different way, targeting different issues.

Super Inductive System

This works by playing an anti-inflammatory role, by reducing the chronic stage inflammation. It causes the secretion of analgesic opioids by stimulating nerve endings and it also reduces pain messages sent to the brain.

Focused Shockwave System

This uses pro inflammatories, which stimulate the cell activity required for acute inflammation which is the natural healing process within the body.

Laser System

Laser is used for issues such as tendinopathy, by reducing inflammation and thereby reducing pain.

Hear Lucy’s Story…

Here is what some of our patients say…

Thank you for the treatment I received for my recent foot problem. The service was fantastic and staff very professional I shall be using this service again in the future I was in really bad pain when I visited the clinic and was so relieved after my treatment.


All I can say is fantastic! After I have suffered for 5 year with my feet, backwards and forwards to hospital to no avail I bit the bullet and came to the foot clinic and boom wished I’d come years ago because after about 5/6 weeks hey presto I can walk pain free! Worth every penny and would highly recommend yourselves to anybody with feet problems. You’re amazing keep up the good work.


Arrived at the clinic with two swollen ankles due to sport injuries. After 4 appointments and professional treatment I can now walk without any pain and all and the swelling has disappeared. I cannot thank this team enough. If you have problems with ankles don’t hesitate get in touch with the Foot & Ankle Clinic and let them work their magic on you also! Highly recommend! Thank you so much.


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I have been delighted with my experience of receiving successful treatment at the foot clinic in Darlington. All members of staff are very friendly ,caring and helpful.The podiatrists are all highly qualified, knowledgeable and experienced.

Ann Thomas

Ready To Be Pain Free?


During your initial consultation You will:

1. Gain clarity about your condition

2. Understand how best to treat your ankle pain

3. Receive a personalised treatment plan

Price: £149

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We are located in Darlington, Co. Durham, close to Middlesbrough, Stockton and Yarm in Teesside/Cleveland.

Frequently asked questions

Do we offer treatment for running ankle injuries?
Definitely, yes. It’s something we see a lot of. Please see our sports injury page for more information.
What is ligament and tendon rehabilitation?
These are comprehensive, structured programmes, tailored to you, to repair and strengthen damaged ligaments, tendons and associated muscular or skeletal structures in the foot or ankle. When required, these are essential to achieving positive long term outcomes.
Why are bespoke exercise programs used?
Exercise is essential in resolving many ankle conditions. However, the wrong type of exercise can make it worse. We therefore tailor a programme suited to you.
What is ankle manipulation and mobilisation?
This technique allows muscles to work more efficiently around the joints so relieving pain and increasing mobility. It is a hands on highly skilled treatment that is extremely effective.
Do you treat Achilles tendonitis?
Yes. Achilles tendonitis is extremely common and we treat it on a regular basis.
Do you treat Achilles issues?
Yes. Whether you have a ruptured achilles, torn achilles, sore achilles, strained achilles, swollen achilles, achilles pain when running or some other issue with your achilles, we will most likely have seen and treated it before!

Looking for some more information around your condition?

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