Nail reconstruction and nail replacement

“Very professional staff, very polite and explain everything to you about the treatment. I would recommend this clinic to everyone.”

Dr. Bryan Scotson Smith

5 Star rating on Trusted Practitioner.

Embarrassed by your toenails?


Looking to replace a missing toenail?


Wanting to cover up a toenail you find ugly?

Pedique cosmetic toenail replacement could be the answer.

Too many people spend their life being embarrassed by their nails to such an extent that it restricts what shoes they wear and even what activities they undertake.

Toenail reconstruction is a fantastic technique for those that want to improve the look of nails that may have been damaged through eg. sports or traumas such as stubbing the toe, or been affected through nail surgery or fungal nail infection.

We hear from many clients that they won’t swim on holiday as they don’t want people to see their feet. Or they won’t wear the shoes they really want to wear to a special event, as they want to keep their toenails hidden. Others won’t wear sandals in the summer as they are just too self conscious about their nails.

The good news is toenail reconstruction/toenail replacement can help.

Using a flexible resin we will reconstruct and instantly improve the look of your nails! 

A Pedique toenail replacement is created using a specialist gel called Wilde Pedique®, which is layered directly onto the nail bed and any toenail that is remaining, and is then UV light cured in a painless process.  The reconstructed nail is extremely flexible, and does not damage the natural nail plate or affect natural nail growth, so is very safe and effective.

Examples of nail reconstruction

The new nail can be left natural looking, or nail polish can be applied.


How long does the replacement nail last for?

Where there is enough original nail for the resin to join on to, for most people the nail lasts about 6 – 8 weeks (depends on how quickly your original toenail regrows, activities undertaken and shoes worn, eg wearing very tight pointy shoes that puts pressure on the nail will result in it lasting less time).

However, if the nail is completely missing, so there is nothing to bond the resin onto, then we cannot guarantee the nail will last longer than a day. In cases where the nail is completely missing many patients use the service for special one day events where they want to be able to show their feet without being self conscious eg at a wedding or spa day.

Ready for your new nail?


During your nail reconstruction appointment we will:

1. Prepare the toenail

by removing any loose bits and where appropriate reduce the thickness of the nail

2. File, disinfect and clean the nail 

before applying a product that helps the main resin layer stick to your nail.

3. Layer the resin

setting each layer with a UV lamp

4. Shape and smooth the resin

so that it creates a natural looking nail.

5. Apply nail polish if desired



Karen Koziol
Karen Koziol
A good treatment with positive and knowledgeable feed back from friendly podiatrist. Thank You.
Nicky Beddard
Nicky Beddard
Couldn’t have asked for a better service
Andrew McQuillen
Andrew McQuillen
Very nice staff from walk in to walk out. I had two issues resolved without problem.
Martin Gray
Martin Gray
Thank you to Ben and the team a quick visit to sort out a problem.
Friendly, professional and helpful service.
June Heyes
June Heyes
From the moment you walk thru the door very welcoming and professional. Very happy with the work done on my feet and the end result. Will definatly visit again if need be.
Aleksandra Glijer
Aleksandra Glijer
Great treatment, very friendly and knowledgeable staff, highly recommend!!!
Jason Coppen
Jason Coppen
My first visit today, great experience. If like me you’ve been putting off getting your feet sorted, dont! I wish I’d gone ages ago. Highly recommend!
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After decades of seeing a fungal toenail deteriorate and spread to 2 other toes, I saw an advert for the foot clinic and was interested in the laser treatment. As it was local, I popped in to find out more. I must say, I found the cost projection and the many months duration for the treatment ( and the small possibility of it not working!) very daunting at first, but decided, after a few hours deliberation to go for it. From the initial examination of my feet to the final appointment, I received lots of informative advice, knowledge of the condition and the factors which lead to infection, treating shoes, socks, bedclothes, how parts of the feet work etc. I asked loads of questions all of which were answered. The treatment was successful, my nails are improving slowly with the new growth. I would certainly recommend the clinic to others.


I came to the clinic with fungal nail infection in 2 toe nails. In the clinic I was first assessed and then received pact treatment on both nails. Although I had to travel some distance for appointments , it has been well worthwhile as it has been successful so far. Without exception all the staff are very friendly caring and helpful. After treating the infection at home topically with prescription medication for several years this had been both tedious and unsuccessful. I am delighted that my nails now look healthy. It has been a pleasure receiving treatment at the clinic and I have no hesitation in highly recommending the clinic to anyone.

Ann Thomas

I was schedule for surgery on my foot, which would greatly improve my painful walking condition. Unfortunately I had a fungal nail infection & needed to have clear enough for the surgery to take place. I goggled for places that completed this treatment & chose the foot clinic in Darlington. From the first visit I knew I had chosen the right place. From the welcome at reception in to the clean clinical rooms, with experienced & knowledgeable staff, I felt my issue was in the right hands. The treatment & costs were fully explained as was the length of time it would take. My operation went ahead, & has made a difference to the quality of my life, meaning I can walk without pain, none of this would have been possible without the care I received from Ben, Nicola & Corrine. My last visit was tinged a bit with sadness as I had enjoyed my visits & chat with the staff, & looked upon them as friends. The treatment was as successful as I could have wished for, & equally the clinic has the most up to date treatments & equipment for many ailments. I was surprised at just how much they offer, from full gait assessments, to treating fungal nails..they do it all. I can not recommend this clinic & all that work there , highly enough. If you need anything these are the people to call.

Patricia Robinson

EXCELLENT. The PACT treatment really works and ended up costing less than the over-the-counter so called remedies from the chemist. The staff are lovely and the offices bright and clean. Couldn’t recommend it enough.

Pat Hamilton

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Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost?

£98 for the first toe, an additional £5 per extra toe – up to 10 nails can be done at one time.  These appointments cannot be booked online, please call to make your appointment.

Can you get a toenail implant?

The Wilde Pedique toenail replacement method is a cosmetic improvement to damaged and unsightly toenails, or where nails have been lost (either through trauma or surgery). It can also be referred to as a prosthetic nail replacement.  It is not an implant.

Is there a surgery to replace toenails?

Toenail reconstruction is carried out at the clinic using a specialist resin, that is layered on top of unsightly or misshapen nails to improve the aesthetic look of the nail.  It is not a surgical procedure.

Can you put a fake nail on a missing toenail?

Yes.  The resin can be used to create a ‘replacement nail’.

Can nail polish be reapplied to a replacement nail?


How do you cover up a toenail that fell off? How can I make my missing toenail look better?

Nail reconstruction can be used to create a fake nail whilst the original nail grows back.

How can I hide my damaged nails?

Nail reconstruction can be used to cover a damaged nail whilst new nail grows through.

Will my big toenail grow back?

Once a nail separates from the nail bed, it won’t reattach. Instead a new nail will have to grow back, which for toenails may take up to 18 months.

How can I regrow my toenail bed?

It can take up to 6 months for fingernails to grow back and up to 18 months for toenails to regrow.

How do I find the clinic?

The clinic is located just off the main entrance area of Morrisons at Morton Park in Darlington, just 10 minutes from Yarm, Eaglescliffe, Norton and Stockton. There are hundreds of free parking places, so parking is never a problem.