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“My daughter attended the clinic before Christmas and had to have a partial nail removal. The staff were very friendly and professional, yet put her at ease and carried out the procedure carefully and efficiently. Thanks Lucy and Ben”

Rachel Hanley

5 Star rating on Trusted Practitioner.



We also understand that, for many, they can be concerned about losing the nail. Our aim is to save as much of the nail as possible. For most people only partial removal is required, but the podiatrist will assess this on a case by case basis.

If you are looking for advice on ingrown toenail treatment, or seeking an experienced clinician to remove the nail, we can help.

EXPERTISE: We are a team of experienced podiatrists and have treated thousands of patients.

TRUSTED: We have a 5 star rating on independent review site Trusted Practitioner due to the service levels we offer and subsequent reviews patients leave.

ENHANCED SERVICE: We are a modern clinic with the luxury of leading technology, that means we can make your experience a more pleasant one. We know that for many, nail surgery can be a nervous undertaking. We do everything we can to alleviate those nerves, taking the time to answer all your questions.

IMPROVED RECOVERY TIME: We are just one of a few podiatry clinics in the country that are able to offer laser assisted healing to reduce the recovery time by 50% to 100%, meaning you can get back to the things you love to do, post surgery, much quicker!

How can we help?

Occurring when the nail edge cuts into the skin, they can lead to significant discomfort and pain, and potentially infection.  

In some cases the nail does not need to be removed and in the initial appointment we can treat the nail and make you more comfortable.  In other cases ingrown toenail surgery may be required to remove the nail.  

Ingrown toenail removal involves the precise removal of the partial or whole nail under local anaesthetic, which is administered by a small injection into your toe.  Although pain is subjective, most people find the injection to be virtually pain free.  The nail surgery itself involves gentle removal of the nail or corners of the nail plate with chemical avulsion of the nail matrix (where the nail grows from).  Following the procedure, some tightness may be experienced, but can typically be managed with paracetamol.  The nail, in the majority of cases, does not regrow (95%), so it is a lasting solution.

To mitigate infection risks, we provide thorough post-procedure care instructions, including daily salt foot baths and the use of loose sandals.



1. Assess if it is possible to save the nail

For many the nail can be retained, without ongoing pain, by us employing other treatment options.

2. Give immediate treatment to alleviate any pain or discomfort where medically appropriate

If this is not possible we will talk to you about surgical options.

3. Answer any questions you may have

We understand that for many people they can be nervous about nail surgery, so our experienced podiatrists will take the time to answer all your concerns.

4. If nail surgery is required, a future appointment will be arranged

The procedure is carried out by an experienced podiatrist in our state of the art clinic, and our friendly team will try and put you at ease from the start.

Initial Consultation
Price: £79

Here is what some of our patients say…


A professional service and well worth the trip! Foot inspection for in-growing toe nail prevention, dressing the foot, checking circulation and general foot health and toe & toenail maintenance. Reception staff extremely pleasant and welcoming. The clinician was very professional and diligent in his approach to the tasks involved. Very clean and relaxed environment and would highly recommend treatment.

Alan C

I would recommend you to anyone who has a foot problem, your treatment helped me to live normal life again. I came to the clinic because I had an ingrowing toe nail. You gave me instant relief and I have coming every month since. I can now do long distance walking again I would recommend you to anyone who has a foot problem.

Dr Bryan Scotson Smith

It’s like I’ve been given a new pair of feet! Highly recommended. Everyone is very friendly, helpful and professional.


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Please call our reception team on 01325 639025 to book an appointment.
We are located in Darlington, Co. Durham, close to Middlesbrough, Stockton and Yarm in Teesside/Cleveland.

Frequently asked questions

What’s the difference between a chiropodist and a podiatrist?
In 1993 the term Chiropodist was changed to Podiatrist as the training in this area was greatly changed. Podiatrist is the name given to someone who has a degree in Podiatric Medicine. A podiatrist can treat from the hip down, for legs, knees, foot and ankle issues, for example looking at conditions such as skeletal and muscular issues. One aspect of what they do is what many refer to as Chiropody, which is the routine care of skin and nails on the feet. Therefore, a podiatrist does carry out what is traditionally termed chiropody treatments, but this is just one aspect of the work they do. Chiropodist is now an outdated term as Chiropody degrees do not exist.
How do I book an appointment?
If you would like an appointment, please call us on 01325 639025. (Weekday, Evening and Saturday appointments available) or you can book online here.
What areas does the clinic cover?
We are a private clinic offering ingrown toenail removal in Darlington, Co. Durham. The majority of our ingrown nail patients live in Norton, Stockton, Darlington, Middlesbrough, Yarm in the Teesside/Cleveland area and Northallerton, North Yorkshire, but we do see people from further afield on a regular basis.