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Very few patients when they first come to our clinic have ever heard of Fascial manipulation, so on this page we try to answer some of the most common questions we get asked.

What is Fascial Manipulation treatment?

Fascial manipulation is a technique designed to improve the state of the fascial tissue in the body. It is done by irritating very specific areas within the fascial tissue to create inflammation to then stimulate healing. Research has shown that when inflammation stimulates the fascia sites, we get an improvement in hyaluronic acid levels which significantly improves the condition of the fascial tissue and in turn improves the efficiency of the muscle groups. In turn this improves movement.

What is fascial tissue?
Broadly speaking there are numerous types of fascial tissue within the body. It wraps around bones, tendons, muscle and organs. It holds things up, holds things in place and allows us to move. It is a sheet of material inside the body that helps relay messages. The current research suggests it has numerous roles within the body, the most well known being that of a structural tensioning system that helps to hold you up. There is also evidence to suggest that it plays a vital role as a proprioceptive system (how we understand where we are in time and space e.g. how you know where your hand is at any given time without looking). It is also thought to be a mechanism to make muscle work when required. All in all fascial tissue is incredibly important when it comes to movement but sadly often overlooked.
Does Fascial Manipulation Therapy work?

For the vast majority of people it produces fantastic results and is why, in many cases, it forms an integral part of our treatment process. The need for fascial manipulation therapy is assessed on a case by case basis, as there needs to be fascial damage present for it to be of use. For musculoskeletal pain it is one of our favourite treatments in the clinic, due to how effective it can be, particularly when used alongside some of the technology such as laser or shockwave where required. It’s an exciting technique as it opens up new avenues for people who previously were suffering.

Why do we use the Stecco method of fascial manipulation and who carries it out?

We use the Stecco method in the clinic because it has a high level of scientific research and structure behind it. Our team of highly qualified podiatrists use the approach on lower limb conditions (ie foot ankle, knee and leg) in the clinic. They all have degrees in podiatric medicine and are fully qualified fascial manipulation practitioners.

Patient Stories

Gill had fascial manipulation for sciatica. She achieved fantastic results without the need for any other interventions. In this short video she talks about her experience…

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