Tingling, burning and numbness in your feet? It could be a Morton’s neuroma!

Sep 16, 2021

You could have a neuroma!

‘Treatment for neuromas is very important, over 80% of individuals with a neuroma will respond to conservative treatment.’

The nerves which run between the long bones in the foot, supplying the surrounding forefeet and toes, can develop a swelling. This is usually due to compression of the nerve in some way – this can be due to certain activities, narrow footwear or wearing tights often. This swelling agitates the nerves causing unpleasant sensations.

It is estimated that a third of the population has a neuroma – although many people do not present with any symptoms so this number is likely much higher – and the majority of these people are female.

Symptoms of a Morton’s neuroma:

burning, tingling, numbness in the ball of the foot


burning, tingling, numbness in certain toes


a tightness/spasming of the toes intermittently


feeling as though you are walking on a pebble or stone


pins and needles


massaging the feet tends to help relieve the sensations temporarily

If this inflammation and swelling is present for some time, the area can become more fibrous and more like scar tissue – this often results in a more long-standing problem which is more difficult to treat.THE GOOD NEWS!
There are numerous treatments available for Morton’s neuroma, which you can read about in our other blog ‘The secret treatments for Morton’s neuroma with less risks and better results!’

Alternatively, you can contact our clinic for an assessment by our heel, foot and ankle pain specialist podiatrists! We offer a specialist pathway of treatment for Morton’s neuromas with the most up to date non-invasive treatments, which begins with a Heel and Foot pain Assessment to establish diagnosis and cause.

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