Arthritis Pain Clinic

“Very professional staff, very polite and explain everything to you about the treatment. I would recommend this clinic to everyone.”

Dr. Bryan Scotson Smith

5 Star rating on Trusted Practitioner.

Are you suffering with pain caused by arthritis of the knee, feet, ankles or hands?

If so we can help.

As we get older 50% of the population shows signs of Arthritis, and the most commonly affected parts of the body are the knees, feet, and ankles. Each year 100,000 knee replacement operations are carried out across England, Northern Ireland and Wales.

For these people, tasks usually taken for granted like walking, going up or down stairs or exercising to stay fit can be a daily challenge. For some, playing with the kids or grandkids becomes an ordeal rather than a pleasure.

Every day we hear stories from people who are no longer able to do the activities that they love and this interferes with their freedom and is both frustrating and saddening.

We’ve even heard from people who are told to just take painkillers and live with the pain.

At the clinic we provide treatment for Arthritis of the knee, feet (including arthritis in the big toe joint), hands and ankles everyday! Over many years, we’ve had the privilege of helping thousands of people overcome their lower limb problems.

Leading Technology….

Thanks to exciting developments in the world of technology and medicine, we are able to treat people with a choice of 3 different types of machines that reduce, or even completely relieve people from, pain caused by Arthritis.

So for people who have been diagnosed with Arthritis in the knee, feet, hands or ankles who don’t want to put up with the pain caused by Arthritis, come in to see us for an expert assessment to see if our treatment is recommended for you.


The first type of machine is known as a Super Inductive System which plays an anti-inflammatory role by reducing the chronic stage inflammation. It causes the secretion of analgesic opioids by stimulating nerve endings and it also reduces pain messages sent to the brain.


The second type of machines are focused and radial Shockwave Systems that uses proinflammatories, which stimulate the cell activity required for acute inflammation which is the natural healing process within the body.


Laser works on inflammation caused by arthritis, calming it down, thereby reducing pain

This consultation is for people:


Who have been diagnosed with Arthritis in the knee, ankles, feet or hands


Who are struggling to play with their kids or grand kids due to pain and limited function


Who are looking for a possible alternative to surgery


Who want to enjoy their life without their knee pain getting in the way


Who don't want to accept that joint pain is part of ageing

The Arthritis Pain Consultation Includes:


Full history taking of the presentation of Arthritis


Investigation of ligaments involved where appropriate


Test for suitability of treatment


A no obligation personalised treatment plan

At the end of the consultation you will:


Understand how the pain can be treated without surgery


Understand how pain can be reduced or even completely eradicated


If suitable for treatment, receive a personalised treatment plan


Stop worrying about putting up with the pain for the rest of your life

Hear Merilyn’s story

Merilyn had been previously diagnosed with early on set arthritis. Daily activities had become extremely painful. She was suffering with pain in her big toe joint, to the point she was changing how she walked.

Her pain has now disappeared following treatment. In her words it has been ‘nothing short of amazing

Ready To Book?

Please call our reception team on 01325 639025 to book an appointment

Don’t carry on suffering.

Consultation Price: £95


Karen Koziol
Karen Koziol
A good treatment with positive and knowledgeable feed back from friendly podiatrist. Thank You.
Nicky Beddard
Nicky Beddard
Couldn’t have asked for a better service
Andrew McQuillen
Andrew McQuillen
Very nice staff from walk in to walk out. I had two issues resolved without problem.
Martin Gray
Martin Gray
Thank you to Ben and the team a quick visit to sort out a problem.
Friendly, professional and helpful service.
June Heyes
June Heyes
From the moment you walk thru the door very welcoming and professional. Very happy with the work done on my feet and the end result. Will definatly visit again if need be.
Aleksandra Glijer
Aleksandra Glijer
Great treatment, very friendly and knowledgeable staff, highly recommend!!!
Jason Coppen
Jason Coppen
My first visit today, great experience. If like me you’ve been putting off getting your feet sorted, dont! I wish I’d gone ages ago. Highly recommend!
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After decades of seeing a fungal toenail deteriorate and spread to 2 other toes, I saw an advert for the foot clinic and was interested in the laser treatment. As it was local, I popped in to find out more. I must say, I found the cost projection and the many months duration for the treatment ( and the small possibility of it not working!) very daunting at first, but decided, after a few hours deliberation to go for it. From the initial examination of my feet to the final appointment, I received lots of informative advice, knowledge of the condition and the factors which lead to infection, treating shoes, socks, bedclothes, how parts of the feet work etc. I asked loads of questions all of which were answered. The treatment was successful, my nails are improving slowly with the new growth. I would certainly recommend the clinic to others.


I came to the clinic with fungal nail infection in 2 toe nails. In the clinic I was first assessed and then received pact treatment on both nails. Although I had to travel some distance for appointments , it has been well worthwhile as it has been successful so far. Without exception all the staff are very friendly caring and helpful. After treating the infection at home topically with prescription medication for several years this had been both tedious and unsuccessful. I am delighted that my nails now look healthy. It has been a pleasure receiving treatment at the clinic and I have no hesitation in highly recommending the clinic to anyone.

Ann Thomas

I was schedule for surgery on my foot, which would greatly improve my painful walking condition. Unfortunately I had a fungal nail infection & needed to have clear enough for the surgery to take place. I goggled for places that completed this treatment & chose the foot clinic in Darlington. From the first visit I knew I had chosen the right place. From the welcome at reception in to the clean clinical rooms, with experienced & knowledgeable staff, I felt my issue was in the right hands. The treatment & costs were fully explained as was the length of time it would take. My operation went ahead, & has made a difference to the quality of my life, meaning I can walk without pain, none of this would have been possible without the care I received from Ben, Nicola & Corrine. My last visit was tinged a bit with sadness as I had enjoyed my visits & chat with the staff, & looked upon them as friends. The treatment was as successful as I could have wished for, & equally the clinic has the most up to date treatments & equipment for many ailments. I was surprised at just how much they offer, from full gait assessments, to treating fungal nails..they do it all. I can not recommend this clinic & all that work there , highly enough. If you need anything these are the people to call.

Patricia Robinson

EXCELLENT. The PACT treatment really works and ended up costing less than the over-the-counter so called remedies from the chemist. The staff are lovely and the offices bright and clean. Couldn’t recommend it enough.

Pat Hamilton

We are here to help.

Our clinic is based in Darlington, Co. Durham, close to Middlesbrough and Stockton in Teesside/Cleveland and also a few minutes from North Yorkshire. We can be reached in under an hour from Leeds, York, Newcastle/Gateshead, Durham and Sunderland.

Frequently asked questions

How many treatment sessions do I need?
Most people need 4 to 6 treatment sessions. Ongoing monthly maintenance sessions may be required depending on individual circumstances.
How much does treatment cost?

Treatment is £89 per session.

Do you offer treatment for Arthritis in the hands?

Yes, both machines can be used to treat Arthritis in the hands.