Achilles tendonitis and Achilles tendinopathy

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Dr. Bryan Scotson Smith

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Achilles tendonitis, Achilles tendinopathy and achilles tendon rupture can be crippling.  They can prevent you from being able to walk or run pain free. Terms such as ruptured achilles, torn or sore achilles, strained achilles, swollen achilles, achilles pain when running are all used by our patients when they first come to us.

We achieve great results helping patients with achilles issues, especially those who have already seen other specialists with minimal improvements, tailoring a plan suitable for you.

How do we help with Achilles issues?

At The Foot and Ankle Clinic we perform a wide range of tests including nerve tests.  The focus with all of our patients is to get you back to normal activities, such as work, playing with your children or running. 

We use leading technology combined with clinically proven techniques to achieve real results.

Patient stories

Gill’s Story

Gill had been suffering with chronic pain for over 3 years due to sciatica, to the point she required the use of a walking stick for mobility. Gill received a course of specialised treatment at the clinic and is now stick free!

Lucy’s story

Lucy was diagnosed with a Plantar tear over 2 years ago, this then caused her pain in the achilles tendon. Running became impossible with both injuries at the same time. Lucy received a bespoke course of treatment at the clinic.

Naomi’s story

Naomi was training for a half marathon when she developed a sensation under the ball of her foot which quickly developed into a pain that stopped her from running. We diagnosed a Mortons Neuroma and gave her a specialist course of treatment at the clinic to resolve the issue.

Fiona’s Story

Fiona was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) 25 years ago and she came looking for relief from the MS pain. She had been told nothing could be done, but at night her feet were burning. Now in her words they are normal again and says “I think more people should know about this treatment!”

Michael’s story

Michael was suffering with pain in his feet and ankles and up his leg. He came to us wanting orthotics having used them for many years, but following treatment with us he is pain free. “The treatment has been revolutionary for me. I don’t get pain now. I’m not limited by pain in my feet anymore.”

Merilyn’s Story

Merilyn had been previously diagnosed with early on set arthritis. Daily activities had become extremely painful. She was suffering with pain in her big toe joint, to the point she was changing how she walked. Her pain has now disappeared following treatment. In her words it has been ‘nothing short of amazing’.

How do we get great results?

Through our 3 step Ankle treatment programme we ensure a thorough approach.


Step 1: Assess and diagnose

It is extremely important that the correct diagnosis is received. We therefore take the time to take a full and through history and carry out a wide range of tests as necessary.


Step 2: Treat

With all of the leading techniques and technologies provided under one roof, we can put together the best bespoke treatment programmes.


Step 3: Monitor and strengthen

It is extremely important a patient’s progress is monitored so that adjustments can be made if required.  Our specialists hold regular clinical case meetings to ensure each patient receives the best possible treatment.  We also ensure that structures in the ankle are strengthened as we want this treatment to be a permanent solution, not a temporary fix, that flares back up.

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